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How to Turn a Shirt into a Weighted Sensory Vest

Posted on by Paula

Free HugsWe could all use a free hug!

Who doesn’t like a big hug? We all do, but when you have a sensory processing disorder, it can be something that is even more important. One way to help people with this heightened sensitivity is through touch. The right touch can help the body relax.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there like weighted blankets and weighted vests. Did you know you can also turn a long sleeve shirt into a tactile device? This vest is portable so you can put it over the back of a chair and wrap the weighted arms around the person. So even if you are not around, they can get a nice weighted hug when it matters the most.

Materials you need to make a Weighted Sensory Vest:

*When you are making a weighted object for someone, 10% of the person’s body weight is recommended. You should order your pellets accordingly!

Steps to follow:

  1. Stitch the bottoms of the sleeves closed. Double stitch it for added strength.
  2. Take 1/6 of the weight you are going to use and pour it down one of the sleeves.
  3. Use your rubber band to tie off the packed pellets at the bottom of the sleeve. Make sure they are nice and tight!
  4. Sew shut that part of the sleeve, double stitch it again, just above where the rubber band is.
  5. Now pour 1/3 of the weight you are going to use in the sleeve.
  6. Use the rubber band to tie off the top of the sleeve, just above the pellets again.
  7. Sew that final part of the sleeve shut, and double stitch it for good measure.
  8. Repeat all of this on the other sleeve!

The added seams in the sleeves make them flexible, so they’ll be able to drape around the neck or even wrap around the waist or hips. These vests are portable too, so they travel well.  If you need different tactile sensations, try sewing different types of fabric to the arms!

I’m always eager to see what crafts you are making or what ideas you have! If you make an item with my pellets, please share it on our Facebook page. Thank you, and enjoy making your sensory sweater! Toodleoo!

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